"Belle Epoque" murder mystery at the musée d'Orsay!



Despite cold weather and rain a group of 35 were happy to join Caravelle Consulting for an amusing and original tour at the musée d’Orsay. It is well known that this magnificent building, emblematic of the “Belle Epoque” was originally a railway station built to handle the massive influx of visitors coming to Paris for the Universal Exhibition of 1900.  Unfortunately these members of the gentry are here to discuss a rather more macabre affair.

The apprentice detectives must look for clues and information in the museum's magnificent collection of sculptures and paintings in order to resolve a murder mystery that threatens to tarnish the reputation of their "caste" and cause a popular uprising!

They are guided by the celebrated Belgian super sleuth, Hercule Poivrot and his hard-working but undervalued assistant Eglantine Fouinepartout!! Happy investigating!! 


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