Medieval Murder Party inspired by tales and legends of King Arthur

Article publié par Pandora BROTHERTON le 18/06/2014 à 09:00
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       There are numerous tales and legends about King Arthur. Was he a valiant Celtic king or a myth used as political propaganda to rally the tribes of Great Britain and to lay down the foundations of the nation?  

The circumstances surrounding his death are also strongly contested.

As part of their company seminar the lords and ladies of “Terre-net Média” were convened to “Au Clos d’Ecuyer” in Picardie to take part in a veritable medieval Murder Party in order to resolve this mystery as quickly as possible. Celtic music, medieval costumes, walls and round tables dressed in white sheets, all the ingredients were combined to plunge the honoured guests into an Arthurian atmosphere and relive that bygone era.


The sorcerers Merlin and Viviane ensured the progress of the investigation with games, challenges, tournaments and riddles which enabled the investigators to win clues in their quest for the truth!


After thorough interrogation of the suspects, who were chosen from within the company for this original role play, the teams considered their verdicts and tested their different theories during a reconstruction of the crime. They were successful not only in revealing the identity of the foul assassin but also his/her mode operatoire! The murder of good King Arthur was resolved and a successor could now be elected!


Terre-net Media could now return to a more modern day journalism after this fun investigation, a murder mystery in the land of Merlin and those valiant knights of old!


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