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     An afternoon murder in Lille,     a murder mystery dinner party in Paris. Read more...


Effective team building tools

Experts in investigative games, Caravelle Consulting create and organise fun activities for corporate seminars.
Whether it be an evening murder party or a daytime city rally, we adapt our activities to the location and timing of your seminar.

A variety of games

The games have a variety of mechanisms, from murder mysteries , “Cluedo” and role plays to treasure hunts in the wild and museum rallies, from theme nights and quizzes to sporting activities or themed workshops.

Adapted to your seminar

Fun and highly participative, our games have numerous themes, are suitable for groups of 7 to 500 people, can be organised in France and neighbouring countries, in English, French, and German and are adaptable to the timing and organisation of your seminar.

Targeted but transversal programmes

Our programmes create a strong shared experience in the team's collective memory. The mechanisms of team building are created through the participants' 'management' of unusual, challenging and enjoyable projects.
Our clients varied domains of industry are a testament to the transversal appeal of our activities.

A beneficial break from the professional environment

The choice of event as well as its theme is largely influenced by your seminar's venue, whether it be a luxury hotel, a manor house, a castle, a barge boat or a mountain chalet,  
  • indoors in a meeting room or restaurant or
  • outdoors in a park, museum or at an historic site
The activity is also an opportunity to discover the attractions and surroundings of your chosen venue, which in turn leaves a stronger imprint of the experience.

The break with the everyday professional world favours greater familiarity between colleagues and creates exchanges beyond the hierarchical, role-based context of the company.
It encourages informal and direct communication with a wider range of colleagues, and reinforces the pleasure of being in contact and working together on projects. “I want to” takes precedence over  “I have to”!

A strengthened communication, the pleasure of working as a team

The notions of incentive and reward are key in our events. They transmit to a company's employees, clients or partners the importance of the human factor in business. Business is people.

Our events also bring to the fore the pleasure of creating together and of belonging to one same entity despite geographical distance, differences in age, education and culture.  They associate Team Building with Reward.


Incentives and Team Building – real management tools!

Team Building translates the will to improve efficacy harmoniously, to tackle challenges from a perspective of "play" rather than “test”, to surpass oneself individually and collectively in the pursuit of a clearly identified common goal  and to realise one’s potential.
A successful Team Building event energises, bonds, accentuates the sense of belonging and gives new meaning to individual actions within a common project.

As the constant flow of information via mails and tightly scheduled meetings replaces informal exchanges and brainstorming over coffee breaks, our activities become real creative laboratories. Placed in a new environment where time and the rules of the game are the only constraints, they demonstrate that a ‘project’ always requires the varied skills of team members and a minimum of organisation and method to reach the objective.

Incentives and Team Building, real management tools!



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