Mark the event with a change of scene!

An away day represents a break from the everyday professional environment. The location you choose will influence and reinforce the tone of your meeting - exclusive, historic, artistic, gourmet…

  •  An activity that enables participants to discover the location and its surroundings will leave stronger memories of the shared experience.

Similarly, the right background creates the ideal theatre for a sporting or cultural event : natural surroundings for more physical, outdoor activities, historic town centres for city rallies, old castles, manors or even boats to lend authenticity to different Detective Party themes.

Obviously there are often budget constraints which make it difficult to leave your work place. In this case we endeavour to bring our services to you and to "virtually" transport you away from the office through our fun and imaginative games and challenges.  

Original indoor and outdoor venues

We can help you find a venue for your seminar in France and in neighbouring countries for indoor and outdoor activities:

  • A stylish meeting room or salon, recreating the atmosphere of a bygone era
  • A hotel or nearby park, garden or terrace with a view
  • A converted monastery or abbey or place of old world charm
  • A museum, a historic site or old centre of a town
  • A boat or barge : moored or navigating
  • A chalet, a mountain refuge or a Savoyard restaurant in town
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