Detective Parties also known as " Murder Party ", role plays, murder mystery evenings or cluedo)

Solve a crime!

A Detective Party is a team building activity which consists of solving an enigma presented and staged by the organisers

You play the investigators and the suspects!

Our games are like real police investigations but more fun! Teams of detectives try to solve a crime and unmask the culprit (an assassin or a thief) from amongst the suspects, also played by company members.
Questioning suspects and cross referencing their dubious testimonies constitute the key tools of this game, complemented by various challenges which bring their lot of vital clues.

Adapted to the timing and location of your seminar

Our games last from 2 to 4 hours and can take place

  • during a meal (an effective use of this time)
  • or in the morning or afternoon

Depending on the scenario and location chosen, the game is played

Tailored to the size of your group to ensure maximum participation

We use different mechanisms to encourage the full participation of all the guests according to the composition and size of the group :

Complexity of
the mystery
Size of
the teams
Organisation of the
questioning phase
The accompanying workshops
and challenges
The theme

The presenters stimulate the group dynamic with frequent changes in rhythm and with competitions between teams.

We encourage the exchange of information and clues, only the conclusion is individual to each team.
The teams then present their verdicts before the complete solution is revealed.

Debriefing according to your criteria (an option)

We can deliver an immediate debriefing on the functioning of the group upon request.
The criteria and evaluation methods are validated before the seminar; the company terminology and values will be employed in our formulations.

The break with the professional world and the benefits of play.

You leave your offices to mark an important moment.
The Detective Party, the theme of which can be chosen according to the character of the site, accentuates this contrast and creates:
  • A new field for expressing creativity and for communication,
  • An opportunity to strengthen bonds between participants and to discover other facets of ones colleagues,
  • An opportunity to put one’s taste for challenge into practise and to simply rediscover the pleasure of doing a activity together.
The new environment and fun context of the Detective Party releases energy and unties the mental blocks that can result from habit, prejudices and current or previous organisations.

The playing of fictional roles in an unexpected era and circumstances, in an unusual, original or prestigious location creates a new group dynamic.

The choice of site determines the tone of the meeting: exclusive, cultured, artistic, gourmet…! Fun and original, the exercise requires that the main rules for team work and project management be applied.

  • The variety of the challenges during the game incites all the participants to get involved. It also illustrates the advantages of generational and cultural diversity in a team to overcome the different challenges and to make progress in the investigation.
  • Finding team solutions to the enigma creates the mechanisms of “team building”.

A potted history of the Murder Party in France

The word “party” became common currency in the French language with the introduction of “surprise parties”, the aim of which was obviously to astonish the guests.

The Murder Party first appeared in Great Britain at the beginning of the 20th century with the development of detective stories such as the famous Sherlock Holmes series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The surprise, a “murder”, was the occasion to solve a fictive crime between friends.

The Murder Party was introduced into corporate events both for its fun aspect (the party) and for the team building or team bonding that result from a shared effort to solve the enigma.

If in private circles the Murder Party can include some gory details and dramatic staging, the corporate version is often called a Mystery Evening and is more focused on the team investigation aspect. However choosing a venue in keeping with the era of the chosen theme can only add to the atmosphere!

Why favour the term “Detective Party” in corporate team building ?

The term “Detective Party” puts the focus on the investigation and research necessary to solve a crime, but it is equally applicable to any mystery, enigma or secret in a rally, or treasure hunt.

Above all the “Detective Party” has a more positive ring to it than “Murder Party” and avoids falling into the overly sensational, particularly if the team bonding event occurs after a difficult period in a company’s life cycle. Its aim is to create a new energy in a warm, fun and convivial atmosphere.

Finally, the term Detective Party can be extended to an outdoor or daytime event, whilst a Mystery Evening is by definition in the evening, generally over dinner.

The “Detective Party” is a team quest in a festive atmosphere, an occasion to break the ice, to get to know one another better and to work as a team whilst keeping a healthy degree of competition that is part of any game.

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