Experts in Team Building activities for company seminars, conventions and away days

Created in 2005, Caravelle Consulting organises and facilitates team building events for your company seminars and conventions.
We operate in France and neighbouring countries (Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the UK) and the events can be conducted in French, English and German.
Initially we specialised in the Murder Mystery, and then branched out into rallies and treasure hunts. Today we have developed our offer with workshops and challenges on sport, gourmet or cultural themes (regattas on the Côte d’Azur, workshops on the senses, quizzes, mural painting, mosaics….) all revolve around the principals of discovery, positive competition and team bonding.
Thanks to the transversal nature of our games, we can count as our clients major corporations as well as small and medium sized companies across all market sectors.

The directors :


Bernard Podvin

Engineer ESA Angers and ISU Illinois, MBA at ESSEC, Paris, successively marketing manager, export manager, branch director in Germany then European development director for the group Bongrain, brings his experience in organisation, project management and internal communication in international and multicultural companies.

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Pandora Brotherton-Ratcliffe

Graduate of UCL University of London in English Literature and History of Art, successively production manager of Libas Int’l, London and business English teacher with Berlitz, Paris applies her cultural knowledge to develop and realise innovative products.

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Our idea at the start

Our idea was to transpose the role plays of the Murder Mystery to the business world. Not only are they a fun and imaginative activity for a seminar, they also echo the fundamental principals for any project group :

  • The pleasure of finding a solution to a clearly identified problem together,
  • The vital role of communication and of exploiting information,
  • The importance of method and of respecting deadlines
  • The advantages of complimentary profiles in a team

Expanding to rallies and treasure hunts

Rapidly the notion of “Searching together” became a key element.  So we varied the type of mystery as well as the mechanisms of the games.  Cultural elements which till then had served as background to the Detective Parties became central to our rallies and treasure hunts: art, history, landmarks, contemporary society all play a role in our games of discovery and orientation. 

Introducing workshops into our games

The notions of complementary skills and different types of intelligence are essential to our activities and to team building in general.
If intellectual qualities had a large field for expression in our games, physical and sensorial talents also deserved to play their part. In response we introduced games based on the 5 senses (e.g. oenology) as well as physical challenges with games of dexterity (boules, jenga, mikado, archery) and strength (tug of war).
Team members received greater mutual recognition for their skills and for their contribution to the solution as a whole.
As a result, pleasure is reinforced as is the level of participation.

Olympiad style challenges

The success of these workshops led us to develop cultural, sporting and gourmet Olympiads as activities in their own right.

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