The Trivial Pursuit Cocktail Ice Breaker

How do you ensure that guests at a cocktail party who don’t know each other :

  • mingle to the maximum and
  • have fun learning essential facts about their host company and its domain of activity in the time space of a cocktail and a mini vol-au-vent????
The host company was in the field of caring for the elderly in their homes and the guests were doctors, pharmacists, local press and local health authorities. 
Caravelle Consulting concocted a perfectly tailored trivial pursuit quiz with questions on demographics, local, national and European initiatives vis à vis ageing and autonomy as well as society and media’s perception of the issue today!
A bit heavy, right? No, informative, topical and fun!
Guests took a card at a time and consulted other guests to come up with the answer. The aim was to find the most right answers, collectively!

* Question: Which recent film tells the story of 5 determined pensioners and life-long friends who are appalled at the idea of living in a retirement home. And so they ask the question that is the title of this film?

Answer: And if we lived together (with Jane Fonda!)

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