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Medieval Murder Party inspired by tales and legends of King Arthur

Article publié par Pandora BROTHERTON le 18/06/2014 à 09:00
Catégories : Murder party France
Tags : detective party, teambuilding activity, seminar activity, murder mystery party, corporate event

There are numerous tales and legends about King Arthur. Was he a valiant Celtic king or a myth used as political propaganda to rally the tribes of Great Britain and to lay down the foundations of the nation?

Murder Party in Lille - atmosphere guaranteed!

Article publié par Pandora Brotherton le 23/09/2013 à 15:36
Catégories : Murder party France
Tags : detective party, murder mystery, teambuilding activity, seminar activity, company day france, teambuilding programme, murder party Lille, murder party Hercule Poirot

The elegant and one time family home, "Les Hauts de Barbieux" in Roubaix near Lille was the setting for our ‘turn of the century’ detective party. The turn of the nineteenth century that is. It was a most civilised affair.
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